Building a better construction industry in the UAE

The third session of the Construction Industry Think Tank identifies actions for improving the state of construction in the UAE

Download your copy of the white paper here

After more than a year of severe economic and commercial disruption from the pandemic, the UAE construction industry finds itself at a crossroads.

On its path to recovery, the industry can continue to operate in the way it has for so many years, hindered by the short-sighted standard practices that have persisted for so long.

Or it can choose to do things differently.

It is time to fix the problems. New approaches and mechanisms must be introduced to improve the way projects are planned, with a greater focus on digitalisation and sustainability.

The third UAE Construction Industry Think Tank examined what actions could be taken by the industry together with the government to fix and improve the UAE’s construction system.

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The Think Tank brought together senior representatives from across the UAE construction sector to recommend practical actions for change geared towards enhancing the state of UAE construction not just in the short-term but in the longer run as well.

The outcome of this discussion is summarised in an industry-led white paper through 19 recommendations across key areas, including:

  • Improving behaviours among industry stakeholders
  • Rethinking commercial models
  • Supporting construction clients in the need for change
  • Establishing a more resilient construction supply chain

Download your copy of the white paper here


Established under the MEED-Mashreq Construction Partnership, the UAE Construction Industry Think Tank is a regular gathering of senior executives, academics and government representatives from the sector, to identify and recommend practical actions for change to support the UAE’s national ambitions.

03 May, 2021 | .By Richard Thompson