Report: Unlocking the future of manufacturing

Digital technologies are rapidly creating opportunities for heightened efficiency and sustainable progress in the region

The emergence of Industry 4.0 technologies marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of manufacturing. Advanced systems can seamlessly communicate, process data and drive intelligent actions into the physical world. This transformative era, characterised by the integration of automation and cutting-edge
technologies, is gradually transforming the industrial landscape.

In the Middle East, digitalisation in manufacturing has led to the emergence of advanced factories, equipped to provide valuable real-time insights on processes, greater operational efficiencies and improved flexibility, helping swiftly respond to market demands.

These emerging technologies are increasingly utilised to enhance resource efficiency, establish zero-waste manufacturing processes and progress towards a sustainable future.

Financial institutions have their own role to play by providing funding, or acquiring new production assets, setting up supply chain financing options, and offering guidance on incorporating financial
data into business frameworks.

As the region continues to embark on the journey towards greater digitalisation and sustainable development, governmental backing is crucial. By offering support, governments can ensure industries and society work better, smarter and more seamlessly with each other, while protecting the environment and leading society towards a better future.

These themes were at the heart of discussions at the Manufacturing Summit on February 21 hosted by Mashreq in association with MEED. During the event industry leaders shed light on the opportunities and risks linked with integrating newer technologies drawing attention to the role of Industry 4.0 in
achieving a sustainable future.

The one-day event saw insightful discussions led by a panel of industry experts and case studies demonstrating successful digital adoption stories by leading regional companies. This report captures high-level insights from the subject experts and key stakeholders at the event.

29 April, 2024 | .By Mrudvi Bakshi