BROADCAST 2: Design and build and PPP always


The lowest bid doesn’t mean the cheapest, says Ali Haydar Ozak, Abu Dhabi area director at TAV Construction. You should be realistic on the price.

Each company has a strategy; some companies know a big job is coming up in one year and they need to find a job now, so they dive low because they know the other big job is coming up, says Iyad Sabouni, vice-president at Aecom. For some other companies, it’s cash flow issues; for some it’s a stock price thing, they have to show a backlog.

For some companies, it’s about the brand, says Zain Qureshi, managing director, head of real estate finance and advisory at Mashreq. If you don’t have a sustainable project five, seven, 10 years down the line, that means the brand wont look good. So are they really looking out for the brand or are they looking to emphasise profits and walk away with that. Source: Mashreq Live Broadcast 

28 February, 2018 | MEED