BROADCAST 2: Impact of prefabrication


With prefabrication, quality is better, time is better, the control environment is better, logistics is better, says Iyad Sabouni, vice-president at Aecom.

If you go back to R&D, says Zain Qureshi, managing director, head of real estate finance and advisory at Mashreq, if you look at the UK construction segment, 68 per cent of them are investing more and more in R&D, to go ahead and enhance products such as prefab. In contrast, the level of investment in R&D has not come up in the UAE or the GCC. So we’re still looking at ‘let’s cut costs in terms of going ahead and providing the cheapest contract’; we’re not investing in innovation and R&D. Source: Mashreq Live Broadcast 

28 February, 2018 | MEED